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Sylwia Masiewicz

Lublin Guide

Mysterious Old City

Let me lead you through the maze of narrow streets in Old town, which remind of a spider's web and be the one, who answers your questions or hears your impressions.


Lublin is a city full of secrets, many of which remain unknown even to the locals.








The medieval historical center is amazingly preserved, and its narrow cobblestone streets are a wonderful place to hunt for curios and hand-crafted souvenirs.

You can get a taste of medieval life 's gazing up at impressive Krakow Gate within the fortified walls dating back to the 14th century, the Town Hall, the Dominican church.




Are you able to touch the evil stone ?

Meet the widow of the hangman who tells dark anecdotes and spine-chilling tales of misfortune and the medieval judicial system.

But make sure you don’t lose sight of your group!