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Sylwia Masiewicz

Lublin Guide

Discover Jewish Culture

Lublin was always a melting pot for various cultures and an important center of Judaism.


Jewish cementery  

  If you wish to get deeper inside the real East Poland ambience, you will have to visit Yeshiva Chachmej and The Old and The New Jewish Cementery.








 Jewish market lady in Lublin


 I love to guide combining a mixture of entertainment and making history come alive, so let yourself be carried away into the 19th century by Jewish market lady born in Lublin. You will experience the vibe of the town in that period and you will be put in the footsteps of old Jewish Lublin.





I have focused my attention on the historical sites, which are associated with the past of the Jewish people. These are the famous tourist attractions which include the Jewish Quarter of Lublin and various Jewish towns with synagogues all over the Lublin region such as Leczna, Wlodawa, Szczebrzeszyn.



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